Monday, January 31, 2011

Ways we try to avoid being called on in class, but always fail.

I think teachers go to their weekly meetings not to discuss important things, but to share their new ways of reading students' expressions and movements. Why do they always call on us when we don't know the answer to a question and when we finally do know an answer, we're never called on? Here are some ways to attempt to avoid being called on, some of which I'm sure the smaller half of you have already tried.

ONE) Pretending to write notes.
That moment you hear the teacher ask a question, stop doodling stick figures with swords battling each other, and actually start copying down whatsoever on the overhead projector word. for. word. Try really hard to look absorbed in these notes when, in actuality, you really have no idea what you're copying down.

TWO) Avoiding eye contact with the teacher.
"Maybe if I don't look, s/he won't call on me." This tactic fails the majority of the time, but you can still attempt to succeed from time to time. This way varies from hiding behind your hair (if you have long hair), to resting your head on your hands with your head tilted opposite the teacher. If you're not comfortable still sitting in your seat, you can also get up to sharpen your pencil.

THREE) Staring back at the teacher.
Return the stare back at the teacher with a smirk as if you know the answer. This can go both ways, if the teacher likes you, they'll more than likely call on you. So depending on which class you have, choose your ways wisely.

FOUR) OOPS. I dropped my pencil.
"Accidentally" dropping your pen or pencil so you can take your time looking for it until the teacher calls someone else. Make sure you fling it far from where you sit so you have to get out of your seat to retrieve it.

And finally,
FIVE) Actually leaving the classroom.
This is the last resort. If you really have no idea what is going on in class and you're extremely desperate, pretend you have a phone call or have to use the restroom. Quietly rush out of the room as if you're in a hurry, the teacher won't be able to call on you.

Now, these tactics I have suggested do not always work, if you still get called on, don't say I didn't warn you. 

Sunday, January 30, 2011

a collection of random liqour devoured this month

skins recap and 150 followers!

Storyline of the first episode is exactly like the UK version which I don't mind. They tried to keep it somewhat vulgar in the opening scene with some cursing and the neighbors tits partially showing. Don't like how Jal is now some Asian/Latina chick Daisey, and that Cassie (now Caddie) black. The whole Maxie/Tea parallel is now retarded. Cassie seems less ditsier than Cassie and just psychotic. They missed the fat chick from the party that Chris was supposed to be fucking. And they switched (Anwar) and Caddie pissing. Oh well.

Overall seems decent, and I'll probably watch the next few episodes.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

2011 NBA All-Star East Starters:
Derrick Rose
Dwyane Wade
LeBron James
Amar'e Stoudemire
Dwight Howard

the fans are on point with their decision. the west are going to get obliterated by the hands of
the eastern all-stars. btw, congrats to yao for starting haha. i thought he was out for the season?
brb. watching amare and lebron go head to head, it's a close one.


New series on MTV coming as an adaptation of the UK series of the same name. I always heard of the original, but never took enough time to watch it until recently. I have to say I'm impressed. If you look into it you may see some stuff about it being the British version of Degrassi, but they are completely different. This has way more drug, sex, cursing, and nudity; which makes for an interesting show.

Now since this going to be aired in America, and MTV at that, I'm going to expect a lot of censored storylines. I'll still tune in for the first episode though.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hublot King Power Diver 4000

Both crowns are screw down.
The top one with the crown guard controls the inner rotating bezel, the bottom one the watch itself. There is a helium escape valve at 10.

Notice the triangle on the end pieces? That is actually a push button that releases the quick change strap, and the watch comes with two straps: the rubber one shown and also a velcro dive strap. 

Btw, did you know the rolex deepsea is only 3900 meters water resistant? this one is 4000m.

LE 500 pieces on this one too.

Even though I don't hate the design, I definitely do not like it. At a first glance, one can see anything but the time on this "diver". So distracting.

An overly big and useless outer bezel, topped with ridiculously small dial and hands. Speaking of which, WTF were they thinking when they designed those midget hour and minutes hands?!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

some of the people who tell you they're there for you are the same people who are the last to have your back.

true inspiration.

"For me life is continuously being hungry. The meaning of life is not simply to exist, to survive, but to move ahead, to go up, to achieve, to conquer."
 -Arnold Schwarzenegger  

one of my favorite motivational videos from arnie. this video does nothing but  inspire.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

pam 177

one of my favorite watches.

the lume is a torch!
nice titanium case w/ thick crown-guard.

Friday, January 21, 2011

community season 2

i completely forgot about this show, and how funny it was. gonna try and catch up on lost time. anyone else staying in on a friday night? im sick so i definitely cant go out.

for the foreveralone people out there, here's a cool place to stream and download shows/movies:

game changing

cant wait for these to drop tomorrow. been waiting ever since they announced their release. hopefully i can get a pair in my size.

jordan himself wearing the cement 3s.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

riveting tale, chap.

"Another interesting tidbit of information:I've just fond out that Google Adsense does not register clicks on ads that last less than 20-25 seconds. While I understand why they have that policy, it seems to cheat the websites hosting the ads. If a person clicks through an ad but is not interested enough to stay on the target site very long, that is the ad's fault not the host/blogger. The ad still achieved an impression and the host should be paid for it.
However, it is how it is and so I wanted to let you all know....People viewing ads for less than 20-25 seconds are pretty much worthless to you and me."

-taken from  my nigga Bobby

something for the boys

Monday, January 17, 2011

a man's watch: hublot kp senna

48mm! a watch fit for a king. i love the power reserve indicator, and the cf casing.

goldenchild's guide to the new semester.

the new semester has begun so has the smell of coffee and the look of homelessness. In order to make it through these last couple of months and pass your class, follow some of my advice:

Turn "no class" into "know class":

I'm sure there are people out there who can't even tell you the full name of the class they go to every week. Know this. It may not help you on an exam, but its nice for fun facts. The main effort should be placed on going to class.
Find A Study Group:

Hopefully you've made some time of connection with peers in your class that you can study with. Mix it up: Someone good in this subject, someone good in another, someone good in everything, and a dumb person to help so you can say that you contributed to society. Bring old quizzes, homework's, and test  to work off of them.

Avoid the "All Nighters":

Staying up until one 1 or 2 in the morning is fine, but staying up until you're 10 minutes late to your test? I know it's inevitable, but you need rest. Designate times during the day and afternoon to study. If the evening is your only option, start early, not after you've watched all your shows.

If You Must, Caffeinated (Whatever) >> Energy Drinks:

Maybe this relates more to me, but I'd rather have some tea or black coffee than an energy drink. They just give me headaches, except for Monster (i prefer the taste more than anything)

Closing Remarks:
Feel free to add any more helpful tips.

Stay Positive. Stay Blessed. Good Luck.