Monday, January 17, 2011

goldenchild's guide to the new semester.

the new semester has begun so has the smell of coffee and the look of homelessness. In order to make it through these last couple of months and pass your class, follow some of my advice:

Turn "no class" into "know class":

I'm sure there are people out there who can't even tell you the full name of the class they go to every week. Know this. It may not help you on an exam, but its nice for fun facts. The main effort should be placed on going to class.
Find A Study Group:

Hopefully you've made some time of connection with peers in your class that you can study with. Mix it up: Someone good in this subject, someone good in another, someone good in everything, and a dumb person to help so you can say that you contributed to society. Bring old quizzes, homework's, and test  to work off of them.

Avoid the "All Nighters":

Staying up until one 1 or 2 in the morning is fine, but staying up until you're 10 minutes late to your test? I know it's inevitable, but you need rest. Designate times during the day and afternoon to study. If the evening is your only option, start early, not after you've watched all your shows.

If You Must, Caffeinated (Whatever) >> Energy Drinks:

Maybe this relates more to me, but I'd rather have some tea or black coffee than an energy drink. They just give me headaches, except for Monster (i prefer the taste more than anything)

Closing Remarks:
Feel free to add any more helpful tips.

Stay Positive. Stay Blessed. Good Luck.


  1. I start Thursday.. taking 6 major classes plus RA training classes. This is going to be rough semester but I am ready for it. LETS GO

  2. good luck to everyone! hopefully i can find some time to train.

  3. I followed all of these tips during my four grueling years of university. I can't even begin to tell you how much money I spent on energy drinks...

    Good blog man. Following and supporting!

  4. Very insightful
    but who has time for school when you're busy runnin' hoes?

  5. Just stay awake and do all the extra credit you can

  6. good tips bro. i'm in school and need to follow some of these more closely lol.

    already following you. check my newest blog post and click :D i'm doin the same

  7. Wish this page was there when I was still in school.

  8. thx for the comments fellow brethren